Meet the Trainer Who’ll Make Your Dream Dog a Reality!


Victoria Casanova

As a CATCH graduate, CPDT-KA and Fear-Free Certified Trainer, Victoria will work with you to train your dog using scientifically supported methods that benefit both you and your dog. Backed by studies supporting the theory that pets who have less stress are more likely to listen and learn faster, Victoria’s clients enjoy a worry-free training experience, and a happy, healthy, and well-behaved dog.

Victoria is committed to creating a stress-free training environment while also making the road to success enjoyable for everyone involved. While it’s always gratifying to resolve behavioral and training issues, it’s just as satisfying to help clients and dogs develop lasting relationships through positive reinforcement and force-free training.

Years ago, when she acquired her first puppy and began her own training journey, Victoria was captivated by the science of animal behavior and her passion for dog training began. She’d always been a lover of all things psychology and biology, but nothing compared to the joy she experienced watching her puppy learn, form relationships, and become a well-mannered dog. When you join us at Dream Dog Academy, she will be delighted to assist you and your dog in having the same positive, fulfilling experience.

Our Promise

We are dedicated to assisting you and your dog in succeeding, and we are well aware that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. We’ll design a training program that’s suited to the demands of your UNIQUE pooch and lifestyle. We’ll always be there for you with empathy and understanding at all stages of your journey.

When you complete your training with Dream Dog Academy, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to communicate with your canine partner, which will benefit you not just today but for many days to come.

Ready to start living the dream?

Meghan W

“Dream Dog Academy completely changed our lives!

Victoria’s knowledge and expertise with dog training has been a complete game changer. She has given me easy and effective tactics designed to help with mouthing, relaxation, leash walking and distractions. She helped me better understand my pup’s body language to know what he’s trying to communicate, and how to set him up for success in different kinds of situations. If you need help with your pup, she is the one to call!” – Meghan W.

Eliza G.

“In just three sessions, we’ve already seen improvement!”

“If you’re looking for a professional, accommodating, friendly, and knowledgeable trainer, Victoria is your answer. She helps break down behaviors and gives you different tools to help you be successful with your pup. After every session she provides a detailed follow up with everything you went over in your session and helpful links/documents to reference. We look forward to future sessions with Victoria!”

– Eliza G.